MP80 – Polyaspartic Coating

MAXON MP80 is a multi-function polyaspartic coating, that can be used on interior or exterior surfaces and for protective or decorative purposes.

MP80 does not require any special primer but can be used with other MAXON products.

Designed to be applied on a variety of metal and mineral substrates, and even certain plastics.

The resulting coating will be UV resistant with flexible properties.

MP80 provides good resistance to pooling water or chemicals commonly found in commercial, household, and pool treatment chemicals, as well as hot tires.

MAXON MP80 is ideal for a variety of high traffic commercial or residential flooring surfaces, and even concrete counter tops.

Whether you are looking to finish a concrete surface in a commercial environment where durability is the highest priority or protecting the aesthetics of a surface in your own home, MP80 is more than up to the task.

MP80 may also be used as a finish coat over a variety of other coatings to provide an abrasion resistant and chemical resistant
finish with outstanding color and gloss retention.


  • Extreme resistance to abrasion, impact, and general wear
  • Extreme hot tire pick-up resistance
  • UV-resistant; provides fine optical clarity when used as a clear sealer/finish
  • Self priming with excellent bonding strength
  • Able to cure at low-temperatures (-30F/-34C); longer cure time needed in low temperatures. (Note: Reference is related to surface temperature, not ambient temperature)
  • Typical re-coat time, 1 hour; walk-on time, from 1 to 2 hours
  • Can add micro aggregate agents to improve grip and slip reduction
  • VOC compliant
  • Meets FDA/CFSAN, U.S. Food Code, Physical Facilities criteria as outlined in
    6.101.11 Surface Characteristics
  • USDA accepted
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Skydrol resistant
  • Random/incidental heat contract: tolerant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Low solvent odor

NOTE: Maxon MP80 is not a structural or restorative product and should only be used on
substrates that are structurally sound.



Extremely resistant to salt water. Corrosion proof mechanical, electrical and electronics, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum...


Repels moisture.  Does not attract dust and dirt. Sticks to metal like a magnet.  Long lasting.  High pressure lubricant.

Food Processing

Approved for food processing, food service and food retail equipment and facilities.  Water-proof electrical and electronics.

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