Maxon Technologies is an innovator in corrosion prevention and concrete treatment for heavy industries.

Since 2011, Maxon Technologies has been providing environmentally friendly, high performance anti-corrosion solutions to various industries: oil & gas, marine, mining, construction, and chemical, among others.

Our leading-edge products are the result of extensive research and development conducted in our state-of-the-art 72,000-square foot facility located in Hawthorne, California.


Maxon Technologies has revolutionized the field of rust and corrosion treatment.

We provide our clients with green, long-term, cost-effective, and safe solutions for their industrial challenges.

Maxon Technologies’ products utilize many decades of knowledge and experience working with ferrous materials and concrete in a variety of challenging environments.

Maxon Technologies’ main mission is to help protect your assets - iron, steel, aluminum and concrete encased metals - from naturally occurring weathering and from exposure to chemicals.

Our family of products are unique in their field, providing superb and durable anti-corrosion through rust penetration with considerable cost savings advantages.

We are proud of achieving excellent results for our clients with our water-based, non-toxic, Zero to very low VOC, and environmentally friendly products. Maxon products can be used on new or corroded metal.

This rare combination of highly competitive qualities allows for easier, greener, minimally disruptive and economically viable maintenance of metals and concrete in industrial applications.

Maxon Technologies’ award winning products help our clients by minimizing downtime and maximizing maintenance intervals.


Our products provide exceptional results above and beyond our competition by forgoing traditional solutions and investing in new, technologically superior products that address our clients’ needs.

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