MAXON WB - Concrete Water Barrier

The advantage of Maxon-WB (Water Barrier) is the ability to provide a durable non-skid water resistant product that still allows the substrate to breath.

It will not change the look of the coated
substrate after drying, nor be effected by freeze thaw cycles, and will prevent efflorescence on concrete substrates.

Maxon-WB is a liquefied resin silica. It can be used after other permeating products and cures as a water proofing, non-skid agent.

After Maxon-WB hardens it will be abrasion resistant and creates a long lasting barrier for concrete substrates.

Basic Usage

Maxon Water Barrier is a clear liquid solution that provides maximum sealant and anti-skid
properties to concrete, stucco, block walls, concrete roofs, and walk ways.

  • It works well with all Maxon concrete permeating products as well as C2M (Cement to Metal).
  • It is water-borne, safe, non-toxic, and easy to use.
  • Improves traction on concrete walk ways.
  • Hydrocarbon resistant


  • Keep away from glass including watches glasses etc. It will etch.
  • DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY IN PUDDLES AND POOLS. It is very difficult to remove.

Standards Met


  • C-67
  • C-67 section 10 efflorescence
  • C-666 salt attach resistance
  • C-23-69


Shelf life is expected to be 5 years if container is new/sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment.



Extremely resistant to salt water. Corrosion proof mechanical, electrical and electronics, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum...


Repels moisture.  Does not attract dust and dirt. Sticks to metal like a magnet.  Long lasting.  High pressure lubricant.

Food Processing

Approved for food processing, food service and food retail equipment and facilities.  Water-proof electrical and electronics.

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