MAXON CP - Concrete Permeating Solution

Maxon-CP is a water-borne, green product that works by permeating concrete.

Maxon-CP is not a silicate, sodium silicate or lithium-based product, but a hydrogel. Maxon-CP is a 1 K material, just stir or shake before using.

Maxon-CP is amorphous in the absence of water and possesses the ability to repeatedly re-hydrate while performing three main functions:

  • Penetrates concrete substrates from 5.5 to 6 inches (up to ~150mm) below the surface.
  • Removes chlorides and salts from concrete substrate surfaces as well as below.
  • Creates an aqueous film that protects against water while allowing the concrete to continue to breath.

NOTE: Maxon CP is not a structural or restorative product and should only be used on substrates that are structurally sound.

Basic Usage

Maxon-CP is an ideal tool for stopping spalling and improving concrete's durability against the environment.

Maxon-CP is not a structural product. It is imperative to confirm with an engineer that the structure is sound.

Like any anti-corrosive product, it stops further corrosion, however, existing damage will not be restored.

Typical concrete such as most Portland based batch mixes are an ideal platform for Maxon-CP.

Maxon-CP will not change the surface of concrete substrates. While application is taking place, a light sheen may appear, and if salt is present, it too may rise to the surface. The salt must be washed off.

Besides salt, Maxon-CP will remove chlorides and penetrate deeply below the surface of concrete. Maxon-CP can access up to 5.5 to 6 inches (up to ~150mm) into a standard concrete medium. This depth of permeation is not unusual.

After application,the concrete will be primed. Because Maxon-CP is a water-borne product, the surface of the concrete can be dry, wet or damp.

Please note that if there is any pooling water in low spots of a slab, the water must be removed first.

After application you can walk on the concrete right away, though it is preferred to wait until the complete application job is finished.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is expected to be 5 years if container is new/sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment.



Extremely resistant to salt water. Corrosion proof mechanical, electrical and electronics, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum...


Repels moisture.  Does not attract dust and dirt. Sticks to metal like a magnet.  Long lasting.  High pressure lubricant.

Food Processing

Approved for food processing, food service and food retail equipment and facilities.  Water-proof electrical and electronics.

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