H2Poxy-A is a hydrophobic, above-the-water-line epoxy product that features extreme toughness and adhesion.
H2Poxy-A retains zero water when left submerged in salt water for up to 12 days. H2Poxy-A will not react to mist, humidity, rain, or water spills even while in an uncured state.
While typical epoxies exhibit a loss of mass of 25 to 35 mg after 1000 cycles. H2Poxy-A tested at only a 3 mg loss of mass after the same tests. H2Poxy-A has passed hot-tire tests and can be used for hydro-static pressure.
H2Poxy-A can be successfully applied to wet concrete and wet metals. It will disperse water and firmly attach to the substrate. Pull test results are available on in our DOWNLOADS section.

  • H2Poxy is drawn from a natural, renewable, raw material basic feed stock. This allows for a comprehensive green product format.
  • H2Poxy will withstand damp fog, rain and accidental water spills on the product even before fully cured.
  • H2Poxy-A is a 100% solids product.
  • It is resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals.
  • Superior adhesion: 800 PSI/5.51 MPa on non-profiled metal.
  • Effective as a floor coating and suitable for marine to heavy industry applications.

H2Poxy-A is a green product and contains 0 VOCs.
NOTE: Maxon H2Poxy-A
is not a structural or restorative product and should only be used on substrates that are structurally sound.



H2Poxy-A is ideal in building applications. It's bond to metal is surpassed by it's extreme hardness and durability.


H2Poxy-A is extremely resistant to a variety of chemicals and harsh and/or acidic environments.


Ideal for use as a marine top coat, H2Poxy-A is versatile anywhere above the water-line and is ideal for flooring as well.


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