MAXON HW - Concrete Hardening / Water-proofing Solution

Maxon-HW is a dual-purpose product. It provides long lasting protection against water infiltration, and deep introduction of a catalytic chemistry that reacts directly to alkali.

It creates alkali hydrates that will become a complex silica hydrogel that bonds within the voids found in concrete.

Maxon-HW will pass around various aggregates and fill empty spaces in the concrete matrix. The alkali will be turned into a natural compound, this will lessen other further reactions.

NOTE: Maxon HW is not a structural or restorative product and should only be used on substrates that are structurally sound.

Basic Usage

Maxon-HW will not alter the appearance of the surface or physical characteristics and will enhance surface traction quality, making it ideal for use on all new or existing concrete installations including bridges, decks, streets, airport runways, basements, parking garage decks, sidewalks, driveways, slabs, etc.

  • Maxon-HW will enhance the bond between the concrete surface and the coating by increasing the density of the surface of concrete substrates.
  • Provides long term protection of alkali silicate reaction and the effects of alkali-aggregate.
  • Provides long term effective internal protection from the environment in concrete.
  • Maxon-HW can access alkali up to 100mm to 150 mm (3” to over 5”) in typical batchmix concrete.
  • Maxon-HW will help add density to the upper portion of the concrete.
  • Zero VOC, water-borne and can be used over large bodies of water without harm.
  • Easy on equipment and fast cleanup.

Standards Met

ASHTO CRD and ASTM tests.

CRD C48-73-ASTM C192-ASHTO T260-ASTMC-156-ASTM CD-4541-ASTM-666-ASTM C-309-AASHTO T-259-ASTM-672.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is expected to be 5 years if container is new/sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment.

Before You Apply

MAXON-HW has a highly reactive catalytic agent in a waterborne proprietary colloidal silicate base that produces a silica hydrogel below the surface and inside the concrete matrix.

MAXON-HW cannot function if there are:

  1. Other sealers on the concrete surface, this includes any MAXON-CP that remains on the substratefrom prior applications.
  2. Polymers in the mix


  • Protect/cover all glass in and around the work area. MAXON-HW will etch glass if it comes in contact.
  • Cover everything not intended to be treated. Incidental damage may occur on unintended surfaces.
  • Spills or spray droplets in contact with glass should be removed immediately by flushing with water.
  • Some discoloration of aluminum may occur.
  • Do not proceed with application of MAXON-HW when ambient temperature and/or substrate temperatures are less than40°F/4.5°C or forecasted to drop below 40°F/4.5°C during the next 6 hours.

HVLP-Spray Protocol

Maxon-HW spray application for small/restricted areas can be achieved with the use of HPLV spray equipment. Pressure and atomization are the key elements.

2000 PSI-138 bar is essential for proper application. This allows for proper separation of the active ingredients and the carriers which allows for integration and penetration of Maxon-HW. This spec can be found in a HPLV system.

Regulated spray pot pressure will apply best at 20-100 PSI / 1-7 Bar, this will be equal or slightly less at the fluid nozzle or tip at the gun/the length of spray lines. Air pressure at the air cap on the gun should be at 40-80 PSI / 3-6 Bar to give the spray a finer mist.

A smaller tip size found in the HPLV equipment allows for less over spray, better containment of waste, faster application times, and reducing cost.

Larger airless equipment is better served for higher square meter / square foot projects where hoses and over-spray are less likely to affect the outcome.



Extremely resistant to salt water. Corrosion proof mechanical, electrical and electronics, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum...


Repels moisture.  Does not attract dust and dirt. Sticks to metal like a magnet.  Long lasting.  High pressure lubricant.

Food Processing

Approved for food processing, food service and food retail equipment and facilities.  Water-proof electrical and electronics.

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