Cruise Ship Swimming Pool Repair

Here, a very light application of CRS by MAXON Technologies penetrates paint, tightly adhered intact rust, and adheres to steel substrate below. CRS contains extremely low VOC levels, so it is being applied without the need of extra safety equipment. CRS allows primers and top coats to bond harder without the need for a specific anchor profile. CRS's ability to scavenge oxygen, chlorides, and salt from from tightly adhered intact rust, dramatically reduces or eliminates corrosion.

Bollard Repair

Here, a very light application of CRS is used along with C2M for increased durability. Our special epoxy, containing kevlar fibers and ceramic microspheres in Safety Yellow is used to cover the entire bollard to provide extreme resistance to abrasion, ensuring years of trouble-free service. VLS was also used to loosen the bolts to remove the bollard, removing the need to cut or weld new mounting.